What should I expect on my first acupuncture visit?

Your first appointment usually lasts about one and one half hours. We begin with an in-depth conversation about your health concerns, past health history, lifestyle, goals for treatment, and any questions you may have about Chinese medicine and the treatment process. This conversation is an important part of the diagnostic process, and allows me to get to know you and understand the best way to address your concerns.

Depending upon your specific condition, I may use aspects of physical examination, or palpation to help understand your condition and determine which meridians, or energy channels are involved. This will aid in choosing the most effective acupuncture points for your treatment. Next, I will ask to look at your tongue, which provides information of your general health, based on the color, size and coat. I will also ask to feel your pulse on both wrists. This is quite different than taking your pulse in a Western medical setting. In Chinese medicine, the pulses are a qualitative reflection of the six major energy systems of the body.

The treatment follows the diagnostic process. According to the treatment plan created for you, I gently insert the needles into acupuncture points. Other modalities such as moxabustion, cupping, or Tui Na massage are often integrated into the treatment. The needles are left in for 20-30 minutes. This is the time for the patient to employ deep breathing and enjoy the full relaxation induced by acupuncture. In some cases I check on the progress of the treatment after 7-10 minutes. After the needles are taken out, patients are welcome to share their experiences during the treatment.

Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing when you come for your treatment. Also, it is a good idea to eat something light beforehand. If you have had diagnostic tests or blood work done, be sure to bring results with you if you have access to them.

What should I expect on my first chiropractic visit?

Your first chiropractic visit will generally last about an hour and a half. We will complete a comprehensive case history and focused exam done based on your needs. We will ask you about past medical history, typical dietary choices and how you address emotional needs. If you need x-rays, you will be referred to a local imaging center. This will be determined based on your history and exam.

After the history and exam, treatment may or may not be performed based on individual needs. If you do not receive treatment on the first visit, you will on the second. The treatment can consist of soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation, rehabilitative exercises, e-stim, heat, infrared laser, ultrasound and mechanical traction.

We will also advise you on dietary changes that may need to occur and supplements that may be beneficial for your treatment. We also may refer you for bloodwork if we deem necessary.

We typically recommend a one week follow up, unless you are in acute pain or at the end of pregnancy, we may recommend sooner.

Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be palpating your entire body and you may be on and off the floor to perform exercises.

What if I have insurance?

Your insurance may or may not cover services based on your individual policy and your health concern. You may bring your insurance card into the office and our staff will help determine if you are covered or if our cash prices would better suit you. While we accept many conventional medical insurances, a lack of insurance WILL NOT dictate your treatment plan.

What if I do not have insurance?

We have cash prices for each service and packages available.

If I am paying cash, when is payment expected?

Payment is expected up front, but financing options are available on an individual basis. You may speak with our office manager about these options.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Insurance, cash, check, credit card. (We do not accept American Express)

Will my insurance cover packages?

If you are an insurance patient, package pricing does not apply.