Dr. Lauren Scott

Verve Owner, Holistic Practitioner & Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Lauren earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She received training in many techniques including SOT, Bio-Geometric Integration, Diversified, Pediatrics, Active Release, Activator, Extremity Adjusting, Gonstead, Thompson, Pierce, Toggle Recoil and Upper Cervical Specific. In addition to the vast array of adjusting techniques, Dr. Lauren studied nutrition from the perspective of alleviating symptoms and achieving balance to help her patient’s fully heal from challenges as well as reach their full health /life potential. Dr. Lauren continues training in these areas with special attention given to pregnancy, pediatrics and women’s health issues as well as dancers. Currently, Dr. Lauren is only accepting new patients who are pregnant, babies/children and dancers as these are her true passions in practice.

Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Lauren completed degrees in Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Genetics at North Carolina State University. Dr. Lauren fully utilizes this education to help her patients from a nutritional and holistic perspective. She attended NCSU as a Park Scholar, the university’s highest academic honors scholarship.

In addition to being committed to health care, Dr. Lauren has a life-long commitment to the arts. She currently teaches master classes at local studios and serves as the President of the Carolina Dance Foundation. Dr. Lauren danced with the North Carolina State Modern Dance Company while in college. She also served the State of South Carolina as the President of the South Carolina Dance Association, board member of the South Carolina Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and board member of the Council of Arts Education Presidents. Dr. Lauren has a passion and commitment to serving members of the dance community as their Chiropractor. Dancers have a special need to take care of their spines and extremities and Dr. Lauren has a deep understanding for the specific alterations that need to be made for dancers, professionals and children alike.

Dr. Lauren has received many other honors in her pursuit to creating excellence in her own life and the lives of others. She has been awarded a National Coca-Cola Scholarship, Robert Byrd Scholarship, North Carolina’s Junior Miss and 1st Runner-up at America’s Junior Miss. Dr. Lauren is dedicated to giving back to all of these programs and volunteers regularly in the Junior Miss/Distinguished Young Woman Program. She has served as choreographer for NC Junior Miss and SC Junior Miss and continues to serve as a judge for many state Junior Miss Programs. She also helps raise scholarship money for the Wake County Junior Miss Program. Dr. Lauren also serves on the Park Scholarship selection committee.


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