What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural method of caring for the body from a physical, chemical and emotional perspective. Doctors of chiropractic strive to uncover the root cause of symptoms and eliminate dysfunction by restoring balance to the body systems. At Verve, we truly use a complete holistic approach as Chiropractors with adjustment, nutrition and mindfulness.

Care for your Nervous System

essential for your optimal health

Chiropractic is the science and art of freeing the nervous system of interference. Studies have shown that the pressure of a dime on a spinal nerve can decrease that nerve transmission by up to 90%. When a vertebral segment is misaligned, putting pressure on a spinal nerve it causes just that, decreased nerve transmission, thereby not allowing that nerve to fully do it’s job. These are nerves going to your heart, your lungs, your muscles, your joints, your stomach, your reproductive organs, your EVERYTHING!

This is precisely the reason to consider chiropractic care, the results are really limitless. Your body simply works better when your nervous system is at 100%. Whether you want to get pregnant, decrease your golf handicap, sleep better, whatever your health/life goals are, you will be able to achieve those goals much more quickly and happily if your nerve system is functioning properly.


Taking a Holistic Approach

so you can reach your full potential

While our primary focus will always be on adjusting the spine and creating full potential of the nervous system, we utilize more than one resource to help you achieve your health/life goals. We will ask you about your eating habits, your sleeping habits, your working habits, your bowel habits, your mood habits, you name it. We want to get a complete picture of your health in order to fully help you discover the root of your dis-ease and optimize your healing. We are chiropractors who do things holistically.

We want to make sure that we have addressed everything from a physical, chemical and emotional level. Sometimes that means you have homework, sometimes that means we utilize some different techniques. Sometimes that means you might need to meet more of the team. The bottom line is, we want your life to SHINE. Our goal is FULL potential, not just get you back to OK. That leads me to one of the most FAQ, “Is going to the chiropractor addicting? I’ve heard once you start, you have to keep going.” Well the truth is, once you start experiencing true FULL potential, you don’t want to go back to just OK.



multiple techniques for a customized approach

We utilize a variety of techniques for our patients. The first technique we use for everyone is a good, solid case history. Maybe more questions than anyone has ever asked. We like to get a clear picture about where we are starting, what is important to you and what may be underlying that could be causing your symptoms. This also helps tell us where we will start with the hands on process.

The second technique and possibly most powerful is education. We like to educate everyone of what is actually happening in their body. This is an on going process, of course, and is tweaked with every new bit of knowledge and progress. If we can educate you about what is happening, then we have empowered YOU to heal YOURSELF. That is possibly the most important piece of information contained on this website, or written anywhere maybe: this is YOUR body doing the healing. It’s your body. Your body has the power and potential to do that all the time. Sometimes it just needs a little support.

Now that we’ve used our cerebrums, we get to the hands. On the table we use a blend of tissue releasing, energetic toning and specific adjustment to allow your body to heal itself. We release specific muscles, fascia and tendinous attachments, prior to putting in a force (sometimes no force is needed). The soft tissue work allows the adjustment to hold longer and helps your body understand what it needs to do next time to repeat that process. Our primary goal is to teach your body to do that for itself as often as possible.

We don’t practice by the books of any one technique when doing this but utilize the best of many for the particular person on the table. That varies with each and every person and with each and every visit. If you’d like a list of the techniques we pull from refer to our bios.

Sacro-Occipital (SOT) is the foundation for a lot of our adjustments. This technique uses a very thorough analysis system, is very gentle and addresses the entire body (feet to cranium). There are some elements of myofacial release, cranio-sacral technique and acupressure within the technique itself. The most important piece is that we ‘listen’ for the body’s feedback (in addition to your verbal feedback) to determine where we are going and what we are adjusting.

  • Spinal Decompression Therapy:
  • digital mechanical traction utilized for correction and relief of disc bulges, herniation, paresthesia and compression of the spine.

  • Infrared Light Therapy (Cold Laser):
  • non-invasive topical light therapy to increase local circulation and improve healing.

  • Ultrasound:
  • non-invasive sound therapy to gently heat deep tissues, increase local circulation and improve healing.

  • Kinesiotape:
  • gives support and stability to joints and muscles without reducing circulation and range of motion. It is also used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and to treat pain.

  • Foam Roller Rehab:
  • soft foam roller techniques to normalize fascia, release muscle tension and decrease pain.

  • Physiotherapy Rehab:
  • rehabilitative exercises and techniques to normalize range of motion and create strength and stability for long term healing.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional and Herbal Supplements:
  • researched and hand picked by our doctors for the most healing potential.