The practitioners at Verve love to treat those at the top of their physical game, athletes! We work to not only help you overcome injuries, we work to help you improve your overall game as we tweak and perfect your biomechanics as well as your nutritional and self care needs. Both Dr. Stiles and Dr. Lauren were athletes, both track runners, Dr. Stiles a basketball player and Dr. Lauren a dancer. We not only understand the needs of athletes but have special training in soft tissues and rehabilitative techniques to help completely recover from your injuries and become a better athlete. We also work with area sports training specialists to come up with personalized plans for complete conditioning.

Symptoms that our patients often seek treatment for are shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, foot pain, low back pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, neck pain, muscle strains, sprains and many more. We are well equipped to handle these injuries from onset to rehabilitation. We encourage you to consult with your chiropractor immediately after injury for best results.