As many may think the life of a teacher is “easy”, unfortunately that is not the case. Teachers oftentimes wear many hats that range from instructors to counselors to baby sitters. Teachers carry the tremendous burden of being responsible for not only teaching but also looking out for their students and meeting the expectations of parents and administrators. Their jobs may not be physically taxing but definitely mentally and emotionally taxing.

Here at Verve Holistic educators come to de-stress through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care provides relief for headaches, stiffness, shoulder tension, neck and back pain which are the more common symptoms educators present with. Stress is the culprit in about 90% of all disease and therefore is very important for our educators to take care of themselves in order to continue helping our children. Chiropractic care serves as a stress management strategy for educators as it helps improve the body’s response to stress in addition to alleviating the aches and pains.