Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a system of evaluating the body from a functional perspective instead of a pathologic one. Medical doctors serve the purpose of intervening when your body has reached certain physiologic levels (typically based on bloodwork) that signal failure within a body system. Functional medicine serves to evaluate and treat before the body reaches those pathologic levels or to co-manage if the pathologic level has been reached. When the doctors at Verve are doing a functional medicine evaluation we will look at your case history and order bloodwork for chemical evaluation. The functional values are more narrow in range than the pathologic values of western medicine. When you are outside of those narrow values or have symptoms to suggest the same, the doctors at Verve prescribe supplements and herbs to bring those systems back into balance. The supplements and herbs used at Verve are among the best on the market. Dr. Lauren has researched labs to ensure the purity and quality of their products. To learn more about products used you can look under our resources tab. Common reasons for functional medicine treatment are thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, GI disturbances, fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, headaches, body aches, infertility, sleep disturbance, mood issues, paresthesia and many more. Our best results are often when we use functional medicine in conjunction with Chinese Medicine here at Verve with Hedy Moreno.