Newborn and Infant


This is perhaps the most pivotal and critical care given in this office. Starting your baby off with a fully functioning nervous system is quite possibly the best gift to him/her you can give. The adjustment for an infant is gentle, safe and very effective. The birthing process can be very traumatic to a baby’s delicate body whether born vaginally or via c-section. A specific chiropractic adjustment can turn the power on fully for your new little one. Dr. Lauren has spent most of her focused efforts on perfecting the treatment of pregnant mothers and children.

Other than wellness care, often mothers bring their babies in when experiencing latching issues, tongue tie colic, GERD/acid reflux, sleeping difficulties, ear infections, suspected food allergy, and tortilcollis to name a few. Dr. Lauren may use adjustment, SOT/cranio-sacral therapy, soft tissue manipulation, food elimination guidance for nursing mothers and safe supplements to encourage healing in the child and mother.

A mother herself, Dr. Lauren has a passion for treating young children and guiding mothers to finding holistic/drug free solutions for common newborn issues. Verve can be your full support system during this pivotal time.