“Dr. Lauren was a huge help for my daughter who had severe food sensitivities as a baby. Our first inclination that something was not quite right was when she started having bouts of silent reflux up to 12 times a day. We were told to try reflux medication but it just didn’t seem to offer her any relief and her symptoms began to spread to other areas such as rashes, horrible gas pains, irritability, and our final straw was when she began to have visible blood in her stool. We were referred to Duke to see a pediatric GI specialist who told us that we should put her on hypoallergenic formula. When I told her that we did not want to do that and that as long as she was gaining weight and otherwise thriving I wanted to continue breastfeeding and that I was willing to make any changes to my diet that she needed. I was told that would complicate things and was basically sent away being told to go on a top 8 elimination diet and good luck. We were then referred to UNC for an allergist and got pretty much the same information. We found Dr. Lauren when our daughter was right around 8 months old and she was a lifesaver! She took the time to really investigate what could be the cause of all the symptoms that she was having and how to help her. Dr. Lauren took an approach of healing my daughter through foods and supplements that I was eating and taking. It was a long process of healing for her but well worth it! I have never felt better health wise and my daughter is now able to eat almost anything that she wants. When we first began, she had about 10 safe foods through breastmilk and was unable to tolerate any foods herself. There was a lot of anxiety for us that she would never have a ‘normal’ diet. Dr. Lauren reassured us that once she was healed, it would all come together and it did. I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with a baby with any kind of GI issue. I only wish we would have found her sooner in the process!” - Melissa O.

“I have seen many chiropractors over the years on both the east and west coasts, and I can say emphatically that Dr. Scott is the best. I entrust my family’s health to her and the team at Verve and have not been disappointed in that decision.”

- Stephanie T.

“I first began treatment at Verve several months ago. I have chronic back pain due to an accident which often left me only partially mobile. Upon beginning my visits with Dr. Stiles I have made gradual and significant improvements to becoming healthier and happier. She has worked with me not only as a chiropractor doing adjustments, but has advised me how to continue my healing through exercises at home. She is a professional that is caring and an advocate for me as her patient. She answers all questions in a clear and understandable way and makes suggestions as to how to continue healing. I was so impressed with her I recommended my husband make an appointment with her. He too has found benefit from her treatments. I will continue to see her on an as needed basis and know that she will accommodate me whenever possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Stiles for continuous relief and care.” - Sandi B.

“Dr. Lauren has exceeded every expectation I had when I first met with her three months ago. I am able to take part in all of the exercise routines I had to give up before I began seeing Dr. Scott. She has instructed me in additional routines and exercises that stretch out parts of my body that were going to cause me problems sooner or later. In addition, Dr. Scott has consulted me regarding my diet and provided me with vitamin supplements that have restored my energy. Most important to me, Dr. Scott does not attempt to engage in weekly sessions for a long period of time. Once you are on your path, you decide how often you visit her office. I have recommended Dr. Scott to everyone I speak to who is experiencing neck or back pain or headaches.” - John H.

“I have had back problems for 12 years. Have seen many doctors during that time and was told I should consider surgery. I decided to live with the pain. Three years ago I had a hip replacement and had complications. Physical therapy helped but I still had pain that severly reduced my activity. I have been going to Dr. Lauren for about 8 weeks now. With the RIGHT exercise and treatments the pain has subsided. I have not missed any work in a month and for the first time in years I am sleeping through the night. Thank you Dr. Lauren!!!” - Joe P.

“As a fitness professional it is extremely important that I have resources like Dr. Scott to refer clients in need of chiropractic care. All of my clients have had amazing success with Verve Chiropractic!” - Aaron B.

“I had the living best experience here!!! I love love love Lauren…she makes me laugh and my body feels like one million dollars. She has become someone that I really look forward to seeing every week!!!” - Sara B.

“Dr. Lauren was instrumental in my breast feeding success after my newborns tongue tie revision. She is a kind and gentle chiropractor and explains what she is doing as she works. After each adjustment, she gave me time to nurse. Her suggestions and post adjustment exercises helped my baby learn to latch and breastfeed. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Lauren as well as the entire staff of the Verve. They were always welcoming and kind!” - Haley W.