Thermography: Early Intervention and Detection of Breast Changes

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Written by: Dr. Brooke Sellers

We all know that October is nationally known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month – who could really miss all of the pink? What if we told you that instead of reacting to a lump, there are actually ways of detecting physiological changes in your body BEFORE it becomes a lump?

Cancer is a scary word, but by definition it is a rapid growth of cells that typically manifests itself in the form of a tumor, or lump. In order for cells to rapidly grow, divide, and reproduce they need nutrition by way of blood flow. This new blood flow that is often found surrounding tumors is called neo-angiogenesis. Prior to becoming a palpable mass, these blood vessels give off a higher temperature in your body while forming and growing for 8-10 years prior to becoming a detectable mass.

This means we can utilize a technology that detects temperature to potentially find these areas of inflammation and new tissue growth. Thermography is a non-invasive and painless way to detect these temperature changes. There is no radiation needed and we can utilize scans to find small changes in your body before they become problematic and prior to you even knowing they are there. The best way to fight breast cancer is prevention and early intervention.

Here are some guidelines for early detection utilizing thermography:

1. Begin with an initial scan and follow up in 90 days to create a baseline.

2. Continue with annual thermography screenings yearly after age 25.

3. Perform monthly self breast exams.

4. Have annual professional breast exams performed.

5. Mammography, ultrasound, or MRI when appropriate.

Another exciting thing about Thermography to us, as Chiropractors, is its ability to see inflammation in its various forms. This means from nerves, muscle tissues, and joints. We encourage all of our patients to get screened to find their baseline so that we can monitor and provide true early intervention for you.

We will be having Thermography scans in the office at Verve on Monday, October 23rd, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The cost is $199 for a Breast Scan and $299 for a Full Body Scan. Give us a call at 919-782-3870 to schedule your time. Remember, prevention and early detection are key, and we want to help you in any way we can!

Below are some pictures of thermography results to give you a better idea of what the scans will look like!


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